In the context of monitoring and evaluating the progress of research and service which will be carried out in early October 2020, it is expected to report the progress of the results of the implementation of research and community service.

In this regard, it is requested to submit a hard copy of the progress report in 2 (two) copies to the LPPM Unhas according to the attached schedule, consisting of:

  1. Progress Report according to the template on Simlitabmas, equipped with an acknowledgment sheet signed by the Chief Researcher (Color attached);
  2. Statement of Expenditure Responsibility (SPTB) Phase I/according to the signed contract on a stamp duty of Rp. 6000 (Original);
  3. The progress of the output of research and service activities;
  4. Self Evaluation Progress Report that has been filled (Form attached)

For more information, download the following: