In the context of implementing the final monitoring and evaluation (monev) activity/Seminar on Research Results and Community Service Grants at Hasanuddin University in 2022 which will be held at the end of November 2022, it is hoped that the Researcher/Devotion Implementer will immediately report and upload the results of research and community service activities. 2022 on SIM LPPM UNHAS (

In connection with this, several important things that need to be done by the lead researcher/servant are as follows:

  1. The Chief Researcher/Executor of the Service uploads the final report document by filling in the template provided on the system which is equipped with a cover and an acknowledgment page that has been signed and wet stamped;
  2. The Head of Researcher/Devotion Executor completes the entries in the daily log (loogbook), the Budget Plan (RAB) and the Statement of Expenditure Responsibility (SPTB) 100%;
  3. The Chief Researcher/Executor of the Service reports the output/outcome achievements and uploads the output evidence;
  4. Monitoring and evaluation will be carried out offline and with presentations by each head/executive team of research and service
  5. Points 1 to 3 above are downloaded and filled in with an LPPM UNHAS SIM ( no later than November 21, 2022.

Letter and Attachment