The International Research Management Division of LPPM Unhas initiated a collaboration with the Monash Indigenous Studies Center in Meeting Room A, LPPM Building, Friday (28/10).

On this occasion, Professor Lynette Russel (Director of Monash Indigenous Studies Center) and Professor Ian McNiven (Australian Indigenous Archeology) were presented to discuss with participants. The discussion was then moderated by Sudirman Nasir, S.Ked, MWH, Ph.D., the Head of the International Research Management Division, who explained the close cooperative relationship between Hasanuddin University and Monash University.

“Hasanuddin University has had many collaborations with Monash University. You could say Monash University is the closest collaborator to Hasanuddin University,” said Pak Sudirman.

Through this assessment, Professor Ian McNiven hoped to be a “door” for future collaboration and to expand collaboration and research disciplines. In addition, Professor Lynette Russell also gave her views on the importance of history.

“When we know about history, we can understand the sense of life,” explained Professor Ian McNiven.