Research and Development Center for Biotechnology LPPM Unhas and the Faculty of Forestry held a Science Talk and Workshop with the theme “Acceleration of Molecular Breeding in the Wallacea Region” for two days, starting from 22-23 November 2022.

The Science Talk was held on the first day in the Hall of LPPM Unhas, which began with a prayer and singing of the Indonesian anthem. The remarks were delivered by the Head of Research and Development Center for Biotechnology LPPM Unhas Dr. Irmawati S.Pi., M.Sc. as the Head of the Committee, the Dean of the Faculty of Forestry Unhas represented by Syahidah, S.Hut., M.Sc. Ph.D as Deputy Dean for Academic and Student Affairs, Faculty of Forestry Unhas and opened by the Head of LPPM Unhas represented by Ir. Suharman Hamzah, ST., MT., Ph.D (Eng)., HSE as Secretary of LPPM Unhas.

This Science Talk activity presented several national and international speakers with various topics related to Molecular Breeding. The speakers at Science Talk are as follows:

  1. Darshna Vyas (Senior Geneticist at LGC, Biosearch Technologies United Kingdom)
  2. Dana Chow (Field Application Manager APAC at LGC, Biosearch Technologies Malaysia)
  3. Ir. Siti Halimah Larekeng, SP., MP. (Head of Research and Development Center for Natural Heritage and Biodiversity, LPPM Unhas)
  4. Dr. Ir. Andi Khaeruni, M.Si (Lecturer at Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Halu Oleo)
  5. Muhammad Ihsan A. Dagong, S.Pt., M.Si (Lecturer Faculty of Animal Science, Universitas Hasanuddin)

While the workshop was held on the second day in the Hall of the Faculty of Forestry. The workshop begins with material related to KASP Genotyping and hands-on techniques: SNP Genotyping using the KASP method in real-time PCR. Presentation on KASP Genotyping material was delivered by Brady Han, Field Application Specialist APAC at LGC, Biosearch Technologies. This workshop was guided by Dr. rer. nat. Sony Adhi Susanto M.Sc, S.Si from PT. Sciencewerke.

Science Talk: Acceleration of Molecular Breeding in the Wallacea Region

Workshop: SNP Genotyping using KASP method in realtime PCR